Missing The Bees

The flowers everywhere are worried and wondering, “Where Are The Bees?” because without the bees we will not have flowers.

What a sad thought – a world without flowers.


Poppy’s Still Life Painting

The Bees Fun Fact: Daisies belong to the sunflower family, and grow in similar habitats as their big yellow relatives.

Poppy In Paris!

Poppy The Bee is a street artist, rebel girl, bee influencer who lives in the Where Are The Bees? book and she is leaving her mark on Paris.

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Out Of The Box!

What happens when The Bees start thinking out of the box?

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Meet Poppy The Bee!

Everyone’s asking “Where are the bees?” and guess what – we found one…

Poppy The Bee is a character from the Where Are The Bees? picture book and she is living out of the box…

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Where Are The Bees?

Definitely out of the box…

Where Are The Bees? is a picture book for children and adults to peek inside the secret life of a disgruntled honeybee colony trapped in a box & overworked by the honey industry. The Bees want to change their situation and begin to think out of the box—that’s when they disappeared…